Project Overview
For this project the client needed help with the design of his Android dating app. The project was completed in phases. During the first phase the majority of the app was completed, and during the second phase some minor features were added and the name was changed to Beeline so the colors had to be updated to be in line with the new branding.
My Contributions
I designed complete UI and UX for this app according to Google's Material Design guidelines - per clients request. This collaboration resulted in an awesome app both me and the client were happy with.
"Ljubomir designed the UX for an online dating Android app for me. His proposal stood out by not only being well written and specific to the project but also hinted on good communication skills and attention to detail. Both of which turned out to be true during the project. He was very committed to getting the design perfect in every detail. He has a good sense for layout and white space. He went above and beyond with adopting workflow processes, like using GitHub and Android Studio. Business peers and friends gave his design prototype great reviews.I highly recommend Ljubomir."
Phase 1 Feedback
"The project to was to a follow-up to the UX design of an Android dating app. The goal was to address changes and feature introduction since the original design.

Ljubomir does a really great job. He took the "wire frame UI" and made it stunning and user friendly. I demonstrate the app during my course of business. Many people instantly took notice and complimented on the design.

Beyond having a great portfolio, the actual communication and working relationship is key for the success of a project. Ljubomir is responsive. He injects his expertise and engages in deep discussions about design issues.

A great aspect is Ljubomir's familiarity with GitHub and Android XML layout files. I could simply provide him with access to the GitHub project. He applied the design directly to the layout files. That saved all the rounds of making mocks with measurements, reviewing them, and adjusting them."
Phase 2 Feedback

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