Candidate Labs is a modern search firm pairing seasoned recruiters with technology and data to ensure sales and marketing leaders are able to confidently grow their teams without compromising on speed or fit.

Since launch (and our initial project) Candidate Labs has done some amazing stuff - they secured another round of funding, grew to 50+ employees, ranked #1 on G2 reviews for the Search Firm category and landed some awesome clients like Notion and Deel.

They are backed by investment funds like Salesforce Ventures, Signal Fire, Fuel Capital, FJ Labs and BoxGroup.

About the client

Logo & Brand Identity

I was responsible for designing the logo Candidate Labs launched with and is still using today. I also had a lead role in shaping the overall visual identity of the brand - I defined the color palette, picked the fonts and imagery, and defined the overall style.

Website Illustrations

I created some visuals for the website that are supposed to illustrate the UI of the Candidate Labs' product and parts of their hiring process as well as highlight some important aspects of both of those things.

TechCrunch Article Image

I created the image that was used in the TechCrunch article about the Candidate Labs' launch. A variation of this image is used on the company's LinkedIn page as a cover image, and the founders use it in the same way.

Read TechCrunch Article

Web Design

As the company connects employers with candidates the website has two home pages - one for each side. I designed each of these pages to highlight the benefits for their respective visitor as well as explain the process and let them know how to get started.

After the initial launch I was brought back for more projects to update existing and design new pages for the website.

Webflow Development

Aside from designing the website it was also my job to develop it in Webflow and get it ready for launch. I created all the page layouts, made sure they are responsive and optimized for mobile and also optimized all the images for better performance.

On the link below you can check out the live website. Note that some changes have been made by other people beside me.

View live website

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