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Hello, my name is Ljubomir

I’m a freelance product designer and Webflow expert with 10 years of experience helping startups get better results.

Provenance - AI for Weddings
Webflow website & Product design for a range of AI tools
Jump-in-front Camera
Mobile app design for Android
Beeline Dating App
Mobile app design for Android
#1 on G2 - Candidate Labs
Webflow website & Branding for a staffing startup
GetA2B - Travel Planning App
Web App, Web design & Branding for a travel startup
RealScape Platform
Web, iOS & Android app design for an IoT startup
Ljubomir is a one-of-a-kind designer and teammate, and I effusively recommend and advocate for him with the fullest confidence. Beyond his UI/UX design talent itself – which is spectacular, consistently generating high caliber work with speed – Ljubomir boasts a variety of attributes that make him stand out in the field. He has brilliant intuition, often displaying a deft understanding of complex user challenges and industry dynamics alike. He is a disciplined hard-worker, consistently turning around big and small assignments alike on time or early. He has a growth mindset and attitude, never balking from a task outside of his past expertise. We 100% intend to work with him again and know that anyone else who similarly counts Ljubomir on their team will feel as lucky as we do.
Steven Greitzer
CEO @ Provenance.co

My Services

UI/UX Design

User research and personas, feature planning, user flows, wireframes, UI design, prototyping, testing.... I can help you with all phases of the UX design process of your product.

Web Design

Whether you need just a landing page, a marketing website, an e-commerce store or a full on web app, I can design it for you from start to finish or redesign your existing website.

Webflow Development

In the last few years Webflow's popularity has exploded so it's no surprise many companies are using it to build their websites – If you would like to be one of them I can help you.

Frequently asked questions

What time zones and locations can you work in?

Most of my clients are based in California, so I usually work EST (Eastern Standard Time) hours to get a head start on them, but I am willing to adjust as needed and I'm always available for meetings during PST (Pacific Standard Time) hours as well.

I have worked with clients from all over the world, from the United States to New Zealand, and have managed to find suitable meeting times with all of them, regardless of my physical location.

What types of engagements are you available for?

I'm available for per-project and hourly work, as well as monthly retainers. I don't mind short projects, but I prefer longer-term engagements as they allow me to make a bigger impact.

Combining differnt types of engagements is also possible. To illustrate with an example, I can join on a per-project basis to help you build your MVP from 0 to 1. After that, we can switch to a retainer model, allowing me to serve as part of your team and help you iterate further on your project.

Any other combinations of project, hourly and retainer work is possible.

How do you price your work?

All my pricing is based on my hourly rate. Projects are priced based on the estimated amount of time they will take to complete, and retainers are priced based on the number of hours per month.

As I mostly work with startups, I have found that this way of pricing fits their needs the best. They usually go for retainers, as it's easy to see how they fit into the monthly budgets, burn rate, sprints, and so on. And since everything is based on an hourly rate, they can easily estimate how much additional work would cost them.

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