iOS • Android • Web • User Interface • Illustration • Onboarding
Project Overview
RealScape is a very extensive platform focused around the concept of digital twins. The goal is to let the users interact with real world objects, places, people ... and other entities, through virtual space. Sheer volume of entities that the platform supports along with the ability to adapt to each of them were the greatest challenge of this project.
My Contributions
For this project I was responsible for designing a native app for iOS & Android, as well as a web app. I was the only designer on this project so I was involved in everything from helping the client with planning all the way to delivering final designs ready for development. In total there were over 500 screens in the final version I delivered.
Client feedback
"We are very happy with Ljubomir's work and professionalism. Ljubomir did an awesome job creating UX for our project. Given only rough guidelines he was able to create a compelling designs that were easily implemented by developers. He was very responsive and was quickly adapting to our changing of focus and deadlines. The end result is a consistent beautiful UX for web, iOS and Android. We will certainly hire Ljubomir again if he is not too busy (given that he is so amazing) and we would highly recommend him."
Marko Laban
CEO @ Virtual Space

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