Restaurants App

Android • iOS • User Interface

Project Overview

This app is meant to help the users find deals at local restaurants. Even though this sounds simple there are a lot of little steps involved in filtering, sorting and displaying different items, so the goal of the project was to design each of the steps so they form a pleasant experience for the user.

My Contributions

I was originally brought to this project as a consultant to help guide the design decisions of the firm the client had already hired. After I created a couple of proposed designs for the main screens of the app the client decided that I should take over the majority of the work so I was tasked with designing the full app.
"Going into this engagement, I was definitely in need of some major help with my mobile app's UI/UX. Ljubomir helped dramatically in the feat going above and beyond in providing alternative suggestions and feedback to my ideas. We initially started off with a few screens that needed work, but after seeing the quality and attention to detail of his work, I decided to extend the contract nearly 3x for Ljubomir to redesign my entire application.  I would highly recommend Ljubomir for any UI/UX needs particularly if you are in need of great design coupled with honest and direct feedback."

Client Feedback

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